Image of NN-04 | Ezrakh Fourword To Infinity Cassette

NN-04 | Ezrakh Fourword To Infinity Cassette


A lavender cassette featuring fresh club music from New Jersey's Ezrakh.

Fourword To Infinity blends huge club music format, soulful vocals, and lo-fi sound - progression at it's finest.

Ezrakh is the creator of the Jersey club movement called THREAD, as well a member of the illustrious dj crew The Brick Bandits. Yet, Ezrakh is also musically trained, and from what you can hear on Fourword To Infinity, a talented songwriter. Blending elements of music that haven't fully been mashed up before, Ezrakh defines a new sound - building on deep house ideas but pairing them with hip-hop grooves and spiritual song matter Ezrakh's fresh sound is built for infinity and beyond.

Fourword To Infinity features bonus tracks exclusive to NEVER NORMAL and comes with a cassette and limited edition NEVER NORMAL RECORDS sticker.

Design: Suzi Analogue for NEVER NORMAL RECORDS